Acoustic Meta Materials Sound Amplification Technology

Acoustic meta material technology
AMM Technology Implications

Technology Features

  • Superior audio quality by adding the equivalent of 10 speakers in a device
  • Can take on different shape configurations
  • Scalable to mobile devices.
  • Requires no external power source and will not drain battery power.
  • Device weighs milligrams in smallest applications.
  • Material costs are negligible.
  • Uses common manufacturing materials and processes.
AMM Technology Implications

Improved Listening Experience

  • AMM design
  • Passive Amolification of Audio Signal
  • Optimum Resonant Sound matching
  • Improved Sound Quality & Bass Depth
acoustic meta material implications

What are the Acoustic Meta Material applications for Audio devices?

  • Acoustic Quality Suffers as Size Decreases
  • Traditionally acoustic problems become more acute the smaller the device.
  • AMM’s Passive Amplification Technology Changes That.
Competitive Advantages

What are the Acoustic Meta Material advantages for Audio devices?

  • Self-funded to date
  • No external stakeholders/decision makers
  • No existing legacy relationships with potential competition
  • First mover access to AMM’s technology
  • Extensive major claims already granted US patent office
  • Filling rights across all global jurisdictions(PCT)
  • Recruited the word’s leading acoustic
  • Dedicated full-time to AMM
  • Team available to assist with technology transfer process
  • First significant audio hardware development in decades
  • First to market with micro-channel technology
  • No obvious competing technologies on the horizon

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